We Have More Than A Few Miles Under Our Belt

Goods have been shipped on the rails for as long as railroads have been around. But it wasn’t until 1954 that an entirely new form of rail shipping emerged with trailers filled with goods loaded onto flatcars. It was then called piggybacking. It’s now known as Intermodal, and it took shipping pioneers like Hub Group founder Phil Yeager to see its true potential.

Hub City Terminals founded just outside of Chicago.

Geographic expansion across North America.

Intermodal network unified under the Hub Group umbrella.

Quality Services LLC started.

Hub Group goes public, shortly before celebrating 25th anniversary.

Introduction of Hub Group fleet starting with 2,000 containers. By 2016, Hub Group will have over 32,000 containers.

Unyson, Hub Group's logistics division, is established.

Comtrak (now Hub Group Trucking) acquired.

Hub Group earns first of five Smartway Environmental Excellence awards. The following were earned in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2017.

Hub Group celebrates 40th anniversary / Mode Transportation is acquired.

Hub Group headquarters move to Oak Brook, IL, and become C-TPAT Certified.

Hub Group headquarters receive U.S. EPA LEED Gold certification.

Nationwide charitable program, #CauseContainer, launches.

Estenson Logistics (Now Hub Group Dedicated) acquired.

Hub Group celebrates $4 billion in revenue milestone