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Marine Container Solutions (MCS)

Gain access to the right capacity with intermodal marine container solutions.

Find the right size of intermodal capacity markets across North America to fuel your supply chain. Hub  Group grants you access to a team of marine container solution specialists with deep relationships with the industry’s top steamship lines —  and their repositioning lanes of containerized capacity, establishing a high-performing network of containers with heavier payloads.

With access to a mix of 20 ft., 40 ft., 40 ft.-high cube and 45 ft. containers operating throughout North America, you pay only for the marine container space you need. 

Offering loading weight up to 44,000 lbs, even your heaviest shipments can benefit from the consistent, cost-effective service of intermodal marine container services.

No matter which rail your shipment is on or which steamship owns the container, we provide total end-to-end visibility, leveraging unique data exchanges and close relationships to keep you ahead of any surprises while your freight moves throughout North America.

Harness millions of units of capacity assurance

With virtually limitless capacity, we can integrate marine container intermodal solutions to change the way your business moves.

Red truck on the road delivering marine container intermodal solutions (MCS)

Capacity to meet your unique needs

Find the right size with 20 ft., 40 ft., 40 ft.-high cube and 45 ft. containers, each offering higher weight limits versus the traditional 53’ alternative.


Coast-to-coast drayage

Hit delivery appointments with precision with our coast-to-coast drayage network, leveraging our marine container solutions to seamlessly blend our fleet of nearly 4,000 drivers with the industry’s top carriers.


Class-I railroad operations

Hub Group brings consistent intermodal marine container solutions to all areas of your supply chain through diverse relationships with all Class-I railroads throughout North America.

Industries we serve