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Healthcare Logistics

Unmatched flexibility and premium quality to ensure a better supply chain.

Strategic, successful healthcare logistics support the delivery of everything from critical, time-sensitive shipments to machinery. Hub Group combines industry best practices with multimodal solutions to tackle your supply chain challenges, giving you complete control of and visibility into your network. 

Our established, time-tested experience with healthcare companies ranges from small niche brands to global enterprises. With in-depth industry expertise and years of refined best practices, we provide the processes and procedures to handle a multitude of commodities, including medical equipment, supplies, machinery, devices, pharmaceuticals and more. 

We take the safety and security of your shipments seriously, deploying a team of CTPAT and AIB-certified providers and GPS-enabled fleets for constant visibility into the status and movement of your freight. 

Hub Group delivers quality, cost-effective healthcare logistics solutions for your business, products and equipment — so you never let your patients, and customers down.  

Healthcare solutions that move the industry’s leading brands 

Hub Group provides consistency and ongoing innovation for leading healthcare providers, suppliers and manufacturers. 

Healthcare solutions for providers, suppliers and manufacturers

Cutting-edge technology 

When it comes to healthcare, information is everything. Our proprietary platform, Hub Connect, provides end-to-end visibility through online freight management, shipment tracking, security updates and more. 


Rigorous safety protocols

We’re committed to promoting supply chain integrity and preserving quality. Our healthcare logistics practices are rooted in safety and compliance, and we hold our drivers and carriers to the highest standards. 


Specialized capacity and solutions

Find the right capacity and end-to-end solutions for any type of cargo, including multimodal temperature controlled capabilities, AIB certified warehousing, project management, international and more.

Additional industries we serve