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Wine, Spirits and Breweries Logistics

Cost-effective, quality service to keep more product on the shelf. 

Hub Group eliminates the guesswork and unknowns of shipping alcohol and spirits throughout North America with specialized liquor logistics programs for wineries, distilleries, breweries and distributors. We bring over 50 years of expertise to your end-to-end supply chain, ensuring compliance, freight handling best practices and security throughout your entire network.

We fine tune our multimodal solutions to protect the integrity of your product, including unique routing programs during colder months, heavy-weight shipping options and specialized capacity programs to move more freight with less product damage.

When you work with Hub Group for liquor logistics, you can rest assured you’re always compliant with applicable permits, and part of a robust security program with full end-to-end visibility and customized protocols tailored to your network. With established networks between the United States, Canada and Mexico, we’re able to preserve the quality of your brand and keep more product intact anywhere it goes.

Whether you’re shipping kegs, bottles or cans, we’re able to develop a fully personalized liquor logistics solution that drives stability, efficiency and value across your supply chain.

Liquor logistics for smart, safe and secure shipping 

Hub Group’s solutions for wineries, distilleries, breweries and distributors strengthen your supply chain while promoting service, compliance and savings. 

Inventory of kegs of beer for liquor logistics

Multimodal value

Your brand is built on quality, which is why we work to ensure your product stays out of harm’s way and in good shape throughout its journey. Our capabilities include dynamic routing and low-impact shipping options like intermodal, temperature controlled and railcar.


End-to-end visibility and security

We keep freight at your fingertips across its journey through North America, with connectivity your way on any mode you ship. And, our CTPAT-certified solutions can be customized to match your unique security requirements.


Compliance assurance

With Hub Group, your freight is compliant anywhere you ship throughout North America. We monitor regulatory compliance at the state-level, and have an established network of carriers with the proper licenses and insurance levels to keep your freight moving.

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