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Food & Beverage Logistics

Refresh and replenish your supply chain. 

Whether fresh, frozen or fragile, food and beverage items need to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Hub Group’s food and beverage provide efficient transport for dry, liquid, fresh and frozen goods, leveraging multimodal solutions to safely transport your products without sacrificing integrity or regulatory compliance. 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to logistics. After carefully assessing your individual needs, we customize solutions to meet your business’ unique nuances and requirements. 

Our established, value-driven solutions tap into the power of a nationwide multimodal network. Various means of transport are at your fingertips, including temperature-controlled containers, expedited and truckload services, and more. 

From spirits to pre-packed goods, our dynamic food and beverage logistics deliver end-to-end visibility for your shipments — so you can always bring fresh value to the table. 

Smart, safe and secure food & beverage logistics

Our value-driven solutions focus on compliance, execution and speed. 

Worker counting inventory on food and beverage logistics

Top-of-the-line security

The safety of your Food & Beverage freight should never be compromised. We deploy theft-deterrent containers and maintain strict security protocols and regimented communication practices to ensure the security of your shipments as they travel through our network. 


Far-reaching capacity 

Along with access to capacity in every market of North America, Hub Group maintains more than 6 million square feet of food-grade consolidation space, serving major markets throughout the United States — ensuring your products get where they need to go. 


End-to-end connectivity 

We inject data and real-time insights into food and beverage logistics. Our industry-leading technology delivers end-to-end visibility on details like freight tracking, location, security updates and more. 

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