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Projects and Emergency Freight Services

When you need extra capacity, we have you covered.

From new store openings to natural disasters, Hub Group is the leading choice for project or emergency freight services. We work alongside your response teams to provide 24/7 project or emergency logistics support, streamlining communication and executing time-tested procedures to provide nimble, thorough responses. 

Hub Group assigns your team a single, multimodal point of contact for management, accountability and continuous improvement. 

A dedicated team of project or emergency freight experts is available around the clock for immediate response. 

Through a careful mix of state-of-the-art technology, an unmatched dedication to customer service and flexible capacity across North America, we pride ourselves on providing your emergency freight the necessary focus to move quickly and reliably from its origin to final site destinations. 

Project and emergency freight services for when disaster strikes.

Our project or emergency freight services are completely customizable and designed for total shipment visibility. 

Carrier in motion driving through icy roads, providing emergency freight solutions and services

Optimized trucking solutions

Our full suite of trucking services includes expedited and regional trucking for faster project or emergency freight response times. We also consolidate communication channels, including worksite crews, stores and more to keep everybody synchronized.


Wide breadth of expertise

Hub Group has the experience and equipment to deploy emergency response services for a variety of events, including hurricanes, floods, storms, plant shutdowns, product shortages, blizzards and wildfires. 


Flexibility when and where you need it

We press the market to surge with your business, giving extra capacity when and where you need it at a competitive cost and that never sacrifices service.

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