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Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

The leading edge of industry innovation.

Today’s supply chain is sophisticated and complex. Hub Group’s technology strategy combines the latest advancements with over 50 years of experience to give your network the advantage.

Our technology investments are designed to improve the customer experience; providing the best visibility, the safest fleet, and the most advanced optimization capabilities on the market today.

We invest in technology that makes a meaningful impact on your business from day one.

A tech strategy entirely focused on your supply chain.


End-to-end visibility

We didn’t stop with the industry’s first GPS-enabled container fleet, we’ve integrated a full network of IoT devices and connections to give you unrivaled visibility to your supply chain.


The highest security standards

We take our responsibility to protect your data and products very seriously, safeguarding it with automated monitoring and in-field technology, including a fleet equipped with GPS and door sensors to track any unauthorized access.


Intuitive freight management tools

Hub Connect, our online freight management platform, provides 24/7 access to your network, helping you pinpoint shipments while offering easy-to-use freight management tools for anyone in your supply chain.


Full carrier connectivity

We’ve integrated with the industry’s leading data aggregators to deliver real-time updates for end-to-end visibility.


Enabled by emerging technology

Gain immediate access to leading edge technology as it becomes available, with intelligent automation driven by a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are pioneering the next era of supply chain management and automation.


Leading TMS and WMS experience

Our state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) experience gives your network a scalable backbone designed to streamline, organize and optimize your business, shedding inefficiency and generating cost and service advantages.

Hub Connect

Connect to your supply chain 24/7 with intuitive freight management tools and AI-enabled shipment-level tracking, available on Hub Connect. Our robust technology platform is combined and delivered to you in a seamless experience, giving your team the ability to schedule shipments, track loads, review shipping documents and more – all from any device, anywhere.

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