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Logistics Management


Bringing streamlined solutions to match your exact business needs.

Hub Group’s innovative logistics management solutions are tailored to enhance your entire supply chain. Using a highly personalized approach, we leverage our multimodal capabilities with a strategic network of providers, cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals to deliver custom-made, optimized solutions. 

Our logistics management solutions harness structured account management, continuous improvement and business intelligence to form the strongest link in your supply chain. 

Logistics management solutions that are second to none

Managed Solutions

Discover new levels of efficiency and advance your supply chain operations with a single, proven logistics provider.

Consolidation & Fulfillment

Save costs and gain a competitive advantage with our consolidation expertise and strategic warehouse network.

International Freight

Untangle difficult processes and move freight more efficiently by leveraging our international solutions for global supply chains.

Final Mile

Leverage award-winning last mile expertise for your network with residential, business and office space service.

How our logistics management works


Robust carrier mix

Hub Group’s multimodal expertise and deep carrier relationships provide the flexibility and capacity to optimize every shipment.


Centralized management

Gain a competitive edge with versatile tools that showcase an end-to-end overview of your entire supply chain.


Tactical support

Fusing industry-leading technology with seasoned logistics professionals, we build custom solutions structured around your exclusive business needs.