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    Increase network precision and empower your supply chain with Hub Group’s Expedite solution. Leverage our spend with the highest-performing carriers in the industry to give your shipments priority loading, team service and elevated performance to help meet the demands of your supply chain.

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How We Work

You don’t get to be the largest intermodal marketing company in the United States by providing one-size-fits all products – and we didn’t. Instead, we listen to each customer, providing a strategic plan that outlines an optimized blend of solutions to meet their individual shipping needs.

For over 47 years, Hub Group has been dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. And by doing so, we’ve grown to become a $4 billion, publicly traded company, offering comprehensive intermodal, highway and logistics services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Our Solutions

At Hub Group, we’re more than transportation managers—we’re solution providers. We offer comprehensive transportation services, tailor-fitted to your needs. We’re a reliable and reputable $4 billion publicly traded company with over 47 years of financial stability, setting our foundation for success. Follow the links to our service lines below. We are looking forward to working with you.

Hub Insights

The Metamorphosis of Drayage: Whitepaper

Explore how drayage evolved into a prime driver of efficiency, supply chain visibility and seamless movement with technology advancements, proper implementation and continuous investment.