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The Way Ahead

Hub Group delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Driving long-term success for our customers

As a leading, customer-centric supply chain company, Hub Group remains committed to going above and beyond every day for our customers—and each other. Applying our deep industry experience and the right technology, we tirelessly optimize your supply chain to move your business forward.

We believe that how you do something is just as important as what you do. That’s why we strive for long-term success for ourselves and our customers by ensuring any capability, service or customer interaction lives up to the rigorous standards we set for ourselves.

Transportation Solutions

Our robust suite of transportation solutions delivers greater value and capacity to your organization’s supply chain.



Our asset-based intermodal fleet leverages end-to-end technology for added shipment security, safety and visibility.

Truck Brokerage

Truck Brokerage

We move your goods across North America—sourcing capacity at a competitive price.

Asset Trucking

Asset Trucking

We invest in and own our equipment, ensuring your freight arrives safely and on time.

Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated Trucking

We remove hidden costs, while providing customized dedicated trucking services.

Logistics Management

As an award-winning 3PL company, Hub Group pairs multimodal capabilities that harness the power of technology with unmatched industry service and expertise.

Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions

Discover new levels of efficiency and advance your supply chain operations with a single, proven logistics provider.


Consolidation & Fulfillment

Save costs and gain a competitive advantage with our consolidation expertise and strategic warehouse network.


International Freight

Untangle difficult processes and move freight more efficiently by leveraging our international solutions for global supply chains.


Final Mile

We focus on extending your standard of quality all the way to your customers’ doors and businesses.

What makes the Hub Group difference?


Tech-focused logistics

Our services are backed by industry-leading data, real-time information, machine learning and artificial intelligence to mitigate supply chain surprises.


Customer-centric solutions

Hub Group doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to transportation and logistics. We customize supply chain strategies to carefully address your unique business needs.


Award-winning service

From dedicated account managers to veteran industry experts, we have the teams to handle your logistics and drive continuous improvement strategies, no matter how complex the network.

The route to a stronger supply chain starts here.

No company is better equipped to help solve your supply chain challenges. We work with you to customize our end-to-end offerings to meet the nuances of your business and industry. And with a single point of contact, a robust lineup of tech-enabled assets and strong-third-party relationships, you’ll access the right support and the right solutions, at the right time. Discover our solutions today.