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Hub Connect

Connect to your supply chain on a deeper level.

For today’s businesses, technology is an essential component of scalable, agile supply chain and logistics strategies. At Hub Group, we know that access to unprecedented data and insights only increases the efficiency and flexibility of your supply chain.

That’s why our proprietary logistics technology provides easy to use freight management tools, in-depth tracking, reporting and visibility, 24/7. Accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, Hub Connect is a key asset for:

  • Tracking multimodal shipments in-transit
  • Providing rate quotes
  • Scheduling new shipments
  • Accessing a library of historic shipping documents
  • Reviewing your business’ freight analytics
  • Assessing national weather alerts and traffic updates overlaid on your own network

Our supply chain and logistics technology create a seamless dynamic between your company, your suppliers and your customers, giving you the tools to form action plans and make quick adjustments. Your business  — and shipments  — stay on track. 

Smarter logistics technology for smarter business decisions.

Intelligent automation is enabled through a blend of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and connectivity platforms to dynamically adjust your shipment’s quoted ETA.


Multimodal tracking and tracing

Hub Connect makes it simple to locate in-transit shipments, filter your network, share shipments, download paperwork and receive push notifications — all within one centralized platform. 


Granular freight analytics

We provide an accessible visual breakdown of your Hub Group network data, delivering information on areas like volume, mode, spend and aging data so you can stay on top of your supply chain.


User management 

Hub Connect’s user management capabilities allow you to grant an unlimited number of users access to the platform, while you maintain full control over their privileges.


Self-serve document access

Our platform grants you access to a library of your shipment’s paperwork for easy retrieval whenever you need it.


Traffic and weather overlays

View shipments alongside weather and traffic overlays, so you can make more informed decisions about your supply chain.

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