We Are Tens of Thousands of Containers Full of Reliability

We are over 47 years of time-tested solutions. We are also home to nearly 2,500 drivers and many full-time intermodal professionals, whose collective industry experience spans over a full millennium.

Our strategy is not only innovative, it’s incredibly effective – a model that gives you access to a fleet of over 37,000 of our own 53-foot freight containers, and over 90,300 rail assets. This brings you the most flexible and reliable intermodal shipping service operating throughout North America. Plus, we know the kind of personalized attention this requires.

We can handle a variety of freight. From transporting hazardous cargo to using climate-controlled containers, we can match specialized equipment to your transportation needs.


Hub Group Express

Ideal for Customer Direct, Just In Time Production and Time Sensitive freight, Hub Group Express is a consistent, reliable intermodal service for your supply chain.

Some of the benefits include truck-like transit at intermodal pricing, capacity commitment, enhanced freight visibility, security and efficiency through Mission Control (24/7 proactive tracking on GPS equipped Hub Group containers), multiple levels of guaranteed service and contingency plans for delivery protection.


Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC)

The efficiencies of rail for shipping freight via trailer on flatcar provides our customers real cost savings compared to long-haul truckload shipping. Hub Group’s trailer fleet is rail ready for easy transition from over the road and allows for access to exclusive expedited rail services. We have the ability to flex in containers to provide scalable capacity using our extensive network of Hub Group Trucking terminals.


Marine Container Solutions

Our Marine Container Solutions feature programs with the top ocean carriers, allowing us to offer competitive intermodal rates to our customers who utilize 20-foot, 40-foot, 40-foot HC and 45-foot containers.


International Drayage

Import and export with our International Drayage capabilities to ensure flawless distribution operations. Hub Group’s drayage subsidiary is stronger than ever—30 years strong, in fact. Known as Hub Group Trucking, our services include intermodal drayage, international drayage and dedicated truck services. We operate in 48 states with a footprint of nearly 2,500 drivers with 23 terminals nationwide – and we’re constantly growing.

We retain an in-house information technology staff that ensures Hub Group’s technological edge. All of our drivers are equipped with multi-mode in-tractor communications devices that are integrated with our dispatch system.



Transporting by railcar can often be the cheapest form of intermodal service as one railcar equals three containers/truckloads, with much higher weight limits (158,000 to 200,000 lbs.).

Hub Group uses collaborative relationships with all major railroads and specialists to guide customers on proper loading techniques including blocking and bracing with dunnage for damage prevention. We utilize an extensive network of privately-owned and insured transload facilities that meet our high requirements.


Temperature Controlled

Hub Group’s Temperature Controlled solutions offers asset-based service for your temperature-sensitive goods. Our custom intermodal reefer trailers move on expedited trains throughout the United States. Equipped with 120-gallon fuel tanks, these trailers maintain consistent temperature while in transit. Our dedicated team remotely monitors the temperature and tracks and traces each shipment in real time with our trailer’s satellite technology. Hub Group’s Temperature Controlled service provides safe, timely transit of your most sensitive products.


We Cover Your Transportation and North America

Hub Group’s relationships with UP, NS, KCS, CN, CP, CSX, BNSF, FXE and FEC railroads ensure flexibility and dependability.

We also offer cross-border shipping between the United States and Mexico. For information on our Mexico and Canada services, click here.


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