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Michael D. Potts

Austell, GA – Company Driver, Drayage

What do you enjoy most about working at Hub Group?

The team and the people make it worthwhile. Hub Group offers us the opportunity to make good money, take care of our families, and still spend quality time with them. Most companies don’t seem to care about the work-life balance for drivers. Hub Group acquires new businesses and incorporates them, which keeps us all growing. They have a sincere desire to improve and share that with the drivers and employees.

What’s your favorite memory working for Hub Group?

My favorite memory was when I had the opportunity to represent Hub Group at a customer’s executive driver function. The company truly cared and wanted feedback so I gave them my thoughts on how they could work with us to better the industry. I was quite surprised to receive a standing ovation from that gathering, and that was one of the best moments in my career. Along with that, I was excited and honored to have the opportunity to speak and spend quality time with Phil Yeager, who was genuinely interested in my thoughts and asked me questions about my role as a driver. He took the time to show that he cared about me as a person, giving me everything that I need to know about him and the company. This is why I will retire from Hub Group.

What would you tell another driver who wasn’t familiar with Hub Group?

I would explain that it is a safe, productive environment and we always have freight. There are no lean times when drivers receive thin paychecks, and that is because Hub Group has the freight and takes care of the drivers. If drivers want the work, it is there. Also, many of the driver managers were former drivers so they understand what it is like to be a driver, which helps make the job easier. This also shows me that the company believes in its people and will promote from within.

Drivers are paid well and treated like family. I was able to put my two kids through university (both graduated with honors). Most companies these days do not seem to care about you as a person. I was unaware when I started here that I would want to stay for the rest of my career and help other drivers find the same job satisfaction. Hub Group is a great place to be and retire.