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Hub Group’s drayage subsidiary is stronger than ever—30 years strong, in fact. Known as Hub Group Trucking, our services include intermodal and international drayage and dedicated truck services. We operate in 48 states with a footprint of nearly 2,700 drivers with 26 terminals nationwide – and we’re constantly growing.

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, Hub Group Trucking transports intermodal containers between rail ramps, warehouses and distribution centers. Our street freight operations are often able to offer discounted and blended rates for a one-way dray. Additionally, our dedicated truck services provide shippers with a consistent fleet of professional drivers—plus the assets and personnel to ensure flawless distribution operations.

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We retain an in-house information technology staff that ensures Hub Group’s technological edge. All of our drivers are equipped with multi-mode in-tractor communications devices that are integrated with our dispatch system.

  • InfoTrak: Core Order Entry, Dispatch, Invoicing, Payroll and AR System.
  • WebTrak: Customer access to real-time order and equipment status, including customized reports and metrics.
  • MobileTrak: Real-time multi-mode in-tractor communications integrated with Infotrak dispatch system.
  • DepotTrak: Container yard equipment management system. Real-time monitoring of tractor metrics to keep fleet healthy and safe.

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