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Nevin Bednarski

Senior Account Manager in Oak Brook, IL

What does this recognition mean to you?

I am grateful to have such an amazing team as well as individuals who have helped pave the road to my career at Hub Group. Through the experiences and challenges, I am honored to be recognized as someone who has made an impact here.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hub Group?

Working at Hub Group gives me a sense of pride knowing that I am a part of a team that provides a vital service to the public.

What would you tell someone about what it’s like working at Hub Group?

The people and culture are what make this place great. Hub Group’s open floor plan and an open-door policy with management at all levels break down traditional corporate barriers. Whether you are entry-level or upper management, everyone is approachable and willing to help. It’s this culture that ensures everyone’s voice is heard and respected. This brings out the best in everyone.