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Click here to find resources on Intermodal and Over-the-Road shipping, as well as 3PL services. Browse our collection of downloadable documents created to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated over our rich 45+ year history.

The Metamorphosis of Drayage: Whitepaper

Explore how drayage evolved into a prime driver of efficiency, supply chain visibility and seamless movement with technology advancements, proper implementation and continuous investment.

Not Your Grandfather’s Intermodal: Whitepaper

Explore the history and evolution of intermodal transportation and learn how businesses of all sizes are leveraging intermodal to achieve a stronger bottom line with streamlined freight management, low-priced capacity and seamless service.


Our containers aren’t the only thing green about us. Find out more about Hub Group’s dedication to being green and sustainable.

Logistics Solutions

Unyson is an award winning 3PL that specializes in customizing solutions to fit our clients’ needs. We offer multi-modal capabilities that generate supply chain savings through our services, technology and industry expertise. How can we improve the performance of your supply chain?

Drayage Solutions

Hub Group’s drayage operation is stronger than ever. Known as Hub Group Trucking, we are one of the largest dray providers in the United States, and a leader in international and domestic intermodal drayage. How can we improve your everyday dray?

Highway Solutions

Hub Highway is one of the largest over-the-road transportation brokers in North America. Our network of operating centers not only allows us to understand each local market, but also manage nationwide moves. How can we help you ensure capacity?

Intermodal Solutions

We are the largest Intermodal Marketing Company in North America and represent over 44 years of time-tested solutions. Through our flexible-fleet model, we can offer shipping solutions specific to your needs. How can you benefit from our services?

Top 5 Reasons You Need a 3PL

Switching to a 3PL will allow you to minimize expenses associated with added technology and staff to oversee the supply chain. Find out what other factors contribute to companies outsourcing to 3PLs.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Large Drayage Network

The larger your drayage network, the more scalable it can be. Click to see how else you can benefit from using a large drayage network.

Top 5 Reasons to Ship Intermodal

Intermodal shipping has been growing at unprecedented speed over the course of the last several decades. Whether your goal is to cut costs or improve efficiency in your supply chain, Intermodal could be the answer.