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Consumer Packaged Goods Fulfillment Services

Ecommerce and omnichannel solutions are playing an increasingly pivotal role in enhancing the success of brands, particularly consumer packaged goods (CPG) fulfillment services. Hub Group is an experienced consumer packaged good fulfillment company that helps CPG companies achieve their goals by effectively managing their order fulfillment processes. 

The entry of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands into the market is a trend that isn’t going anywhere but up. Hub Group is ideally suited for the rapid growth trajectory of direct-to-consumer brands, offering a comprehensive range of CPG fulfillment services designed to provide a streamlined process that will enhance your brand. From our seamless integrations with a variety of ecommerce platforms to our highly competitive pricing structures, Hub Group has what it takes to achieve your goals. 

What Is Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Fulfillment? 

CPG fulfillment is a crucial component of the supply chain that focuses on the efficient and accurate delivery of consumer-packaged products to end consumers. It involves the careful coordination of inventory management, order picking, packing, and transportation logistics to guarantee that products are delivered in pristine condition and on time, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, CPG fulfillment services play a pivotal role in meeting the ever-growing demands of consumers for seamless and efficient product delivery. 

Streamline Your Logistics with the Best CPG Fulfillment Services

No matter what your CPG order fulfillment needs are, Hub Group has the expertise and experience to help you exceed customer expectations and achieve your goals. From smaller companies seeking a 3PL partner for the first time, to larger companies with extremely high volumes, Hub Group offers a full range of CPG fulfillment services that you can count on.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Today, many CPG companies sell across many channels, in addition to ecommerce — known as omnichannel fulfillment. Hub Group can provide CPG order fulfillment through every channel including: 

  • Your brand’s own website 
  • Digital marketplaces, like Amazon 
  • Digital storefronts, like Walmart or Target 
  • Category marketplaces, like 
  • Other digital channels, including daily deal sites, flash sales, subscriptions boxes and social media 
  • Non-digital channels, including catalog sales, direct response TV, mail, kiosks and more. 
  • Retail storefronts 

Warehousing/Fulfillment Centers

Finding the ideal ecommerce order fulfillment center location can be difficult, especially if your 3PL does not have a nationwide network that gives you the flexibility and local consumer reach you need with two day shipping. At Hub Group, we specialize in CPG order fulfillment from 35+ fulfillment center locations nationwide. 

Custom Packaging 

Hub Group can custom package your CPG products — offering automation, hand construction and hybrid assembly for custom packaging. Shrink wrapping, strapping, labeling, and bag sealing are among the services we provide. 

Outsourced Kitting

Kitting is the process of taking any number of SKUs and combining them into one package, then creating one new SKU. Our kitting services allow you to decrease inventory space by kitting to stock or kitting on demand. 

Labeling, Packaging & Repackaging 

These services are provided for a variety of reasons. It can be as simple as replacing an incorrect label, or as detailed as repackaging an entire order to meet the requirements of a big box retailer

Product Testing 

Broken items, crushed or expired items can result in a profit loss for your business. Product testing is particularly important for our healthcare and durable medical product clients, but we can do it for anyone! In order to grow your business, it is crucial that your products reach your customers exactly as intended. With our attention to detail and skilled labor force, we handle the job quickly and cost-effectively. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we have the technology, expertise, and equipment to get the job done for you. 


Hub Group’s returns processing operations receives returned product, processes the necessary customer information and handles all the disassembly, recycling and disposal work. 

Subscription Box Ecommerce Order Fulfillment 

From pet toys to wellness and from techies to foodies, subscription boxes have captured the consumer imagination — especially for CPG companies. Hub Group has what it takes to deliver ‘‘retail therapy in a box” to meet all of your subscription box CPG fulfillment needs. 

Online Marketplace Direct Shipping & Ecommerce Shipping

Digital marketplaces are expanding and consumers have higher expectations than ever before for fast delivery. What’s more, shipping requirements are getting more complex — particularly with big box retailers and their EDI requirements. Hub Group has strong relationships with all major carriers. And with our fulfillment centers strategically located across the country, we deliver coast to coast in just one to two business days. 

Catalog Fulfillment 

Whether you are an experienced catalog shipper with thousands of sales a day or a new seller moving into the catalog shopping space, Hub Group offers catalog ecommerce fulfillment services that you can count on. 

Flash Sales & Daily Deal Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Many CPG companies conduct flash sales, in which a specific number of products are offered for a limited time at highly discounted prices. Another popular type of flash sale are daily deals, where a particular price on an item or items is for one day only. These kinds of special ecommerce sales require rapid scalability, comprehensive inventory planning and management, and prompt reliable shipping for ecommerce order fulfillment — all areas where Hub Group excels. 

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime 

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is a program in which Amazon allows sellers to display the Prime Badge on products they fulfill from their own facilities or from third party logistics providers. At Hub Group, we proudly meet the stringent criteria set forth by Amazon. Our approach to fulfillment is optimal for any e-retailer looking for a third party logistics provider that will help cut the costs associated with other methods of getting the Prime badge. What’s more, our strategically placed ecommerce order fulfillment center locations allow us to hit stringent metrics for 2-day ground service to 98.6% of the population. 

Peak Season Ecommerce Fulfillment 

Peak Season for CPG order fulfillment is the period of time that leads up to the dramatic spike, or surge, in holiday retail sales. CPG manufacturers and retailers alike typically rake in disproportionately high amounts of revenue from November 15-December 24 compared to the rest of the year — especially on Black Friday when the official start of holiday gift shopping begins the day after Thanksgiving. From comprehensive planning before peak season hits, to the right locations for ecommerce order fulfillment, and omnichannel capabilities, Hub Group has what it takes for peak season success. 

What to Expect from a Leading CPG Order Fulfillment Provider

CPG order fulfillment is the pivotal final step in the journey — putting your products into the hands of your valued customers. The outcome? Satisfied and loyal customers who become your brand advocates. As a leading CPG fulfillment company, Hub Group delivers many benefits, including:. 

Fast, Cost-Effective, Efficient Shipping 

Leveraging our substantial shipping volume, Hub Group offers competitive rates with a wide array of carriers and shipping methods. We ensure that your orders are promptly picked, meticulously packaged, and shipped on the same day at the most economical rates. 

Drive Sales Growth 

Hub Group seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce platform for CPG fulfillment — streamlining your operations by automating order processing, providing real-time shipping rates, keeping you updated on inventory status, and facilitating immediate communications with your customers. 

Efficient Inventory Management 

Hub Group’s cutting-edge warehouse management systems equip you with the tools needed to maintain optimal inventory levels at all times. You have a real-time, 24/7 view of our warehouse, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

Elevate Your Brand 

Use order fulfillment as a distinctive marker in the market. Hub Group enhances your brand’s image with thoughtful, intelligent packaging, branded labels, and customized packing lists. These extra touches leave a lasting impression on your ecommerce customers, making your brand unforgettable. 

Diversify Your Sales Channels 

With Hub Group, CPG companies like yours can expand their ecommerce presence, while also gaining a single, dependable source for shipping to other retailers — whether they’re large-scale, mid-tier, or boutique outlets. Explore the breadth of our retail shipping options and discover new market opportunities. 

Let Hub Group design a CPG order fulfillment solution that will build your brand and delight your customers. With Hub Group, you will have a 3PL partner that delivers what matters most: a genuine drive to help you succeed.