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Fulfillment Centers

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Hub Group recognizes the importance of seamless and efficient fulfillment centers that offer a full range of services. Whether you’re a burgeoning ecommerce startup or a well-established enterprise company looking to streamline your logistics, having an expert 3PL partner with strategically located fulfillment centers can significantly elevate your customer satisfaction and keep your business running smoothly.

Streamline Your Logistics with the Best Fulfillment Center Services

Omnichannel Fulfillment

In today’s ever-changing business world, most companies need their order fulfillment centers to manage a variety of sales channels: their own websites, popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, physical stores, and more. Hub Group is your go-to expert in making sure everything runs smoothly. Hub Group has the expertise to ensure that orders from any channel are processed and delivered on time — no matter which way they choose to shop with you.

Warehousing/Fulfillment Centers

Hub Group operates a nationwide network of fulfillment centers, spanning over 35 locations — providing unmatched flexibility and comprehensive coverage essential for ensuring rapid and efficient shipping to your customers. Our ecommerce fulfillment centers boast an average transit time of just 1.2 days, so you can reach 98.6% of the U.S. population within just two days — and meeting all-important consumer demand for fast delivery.

Custom Packaging

Elevate your product presentation with Hub Group’s custom packaging services, which encompass automation, hand construction, and hybrid assembly techniques. Our expertise includes shrink wrapping, strapping, labeling, and bag sealing — all tailored to meet your unique packaging requirements. When you collaborate with Hub Group, you gain access to a wealth of materials and design expertise. Our team of custom packaging design specialists excels in crafting promotional materials, Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, and various retail displays tailored for special sales, promotions, and clearance events.

Outsourced Kitting

One of our most popular fulfillment center services is kitting. Kitting is the art of merging multiple SKUs into a single package, generating a brand-new SKU. Hub Group kitting services offer you the flexibility to optimize your inventory space, whether you choose to kit items for stocking or do it on demand. We assemble thousands of kits daily, tailored for diverse purposes — including ecommerce fulfillment, retail distribution, or a combination of both.

Over the years we’ve forged strong partnerships with top tier packaging suppliers, allowing us to pass on significant savings in supply costs to you. With Hub Group, you can rely on neatly prepared and packaged products with your custom packaging designs — ensuring a memorable and branded experience for your customers.

Labeling, Packaging & Repackaging

We understand that the right solution is a tailored one, designed just for your unique needs. Whether you need to correct label errors or revive obsolete or damaged inventory, our fulfillment centers can transform this inventory into valuable assets. Our labeling, packaging and repacking services can enhance visibility and appeal by creating trial-size products, samples, or giveaways, ideal for trade shows or retail “Trial Packs.”

If your marketing requirements have evolved, whether downsizing product counts or re-packaging for new customers, we’ll swiftly repackage your items into fresh packaging, boxes, or bags. Once a repackaging plan is approved, we can collaborate on special displays and promotional systems to move products out of inventory efficiently.

Product Testing

Defective or expired products can lead to profit setbacks for your business. While product testing is especially vital for our healthcare and durable medical product clients, our commitment extends to all types of products. Ensuring your products reach your customers exactly as intended is paramount for customer satisfaction. With our meticulous attention to detail and skilled workforce, we efficiently and cost-effectively handle tasks of any size or complexity.


A seamless returns process is essential to customer retention. By optimizing this procedure, retailers can cultivate a satisfying customer experience, fostering loyalty, repeat business, and attracting new patrons.

Our fulfillment centers are well-versed in reverse logistics. We receive products from manufacturing facilities, store them, fulfill orders, and ship to company distribution centers. Our returns processing operations encompass receiving returned items, managing customer information, and executing disassembly, recycling, and disposal tasks.

Subscription Box Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Subscriptions boxes haven taken off across many industries, providing a steady stream of revenue for companies as well as a way to build long-term loyalty. No matter what kind of subscription box our clients need, every Hub Group ecommerce fulfillment center can help ensure that your business’s subscription box program is successful — whether you are sending specialty food items, pet toys, wellness products, or more. Talk to Hub Group today about your subscription box offerings and we’ll help you develop solutions that are tailored for your business.

Online Marketplace Direct Shipping & Ecommerce Shipping

At Hub Group, our success is built on robust relationships with top-tier carriers and a network of strategically located fulfillment centers spanning the entire nation. These partnerships and facilities provide seamless coast-to-coast delivery service with impressively short transit times, typically ranging from just one to two business days.

We work in close collaboration with major carriers including Federal Express, UPS, USPS, and more — and customers can work with the ecommerce fulfillment centers that make sense for their businesses to minimize shipping distances, reduce transit times and costs, and deliver packages on time.

Catalog Fulfillment

Hub Group specializes in providing dependable catalog fulfillment services that cater to the needs of both established catalog retailers and emerging players entering the catalog shopping domain.

Our fulfillment centers have the capabilities and expertise to meet the diverse requirements of the mail order catalog industry. Traditional catalog marketing remains a powerful tool for engaging customers, driving sales, and building brand loyalty. Whether you’ve sold products using catalogs for years or are just getting started, our fulfillment centers are at your service.

Hub Group’s expertise in catalog fulfillment encompasses every aspect of the process, from warehousing and inventory management to order processing, packaging, and shipping. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes deliver a seamless and enjoyable catalog shopping experience to their customers.

Flash Sales & Daily Deal Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Hub Group’s fulfillment centers are deeply experienced in helping customers make the most of flash sales and daily deals. These quick-turn promotions require planning, agility, and efficiency to rise to meet the heightened demands of time-sensitive promotions. Hub Group offers the full range of fulfillment center services required, including ensuring that orders generated during flash sales or daily deal events are processed rapidly — including swift pick, pack, and ship — and often on their way to customers within hours. Hub Group’s fulfillment centers are equipped with a cutting-edge warehouse management system that efficiently manages fluctuating inventory levels to ensure that products are readily available when needed for these limited time offers.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

Meeting Amazon’s strict criteria to get the coveted Prime badge isn’t easy. That’s one reason why so many companies work with Hub Group. We’ve mastered a proven methodology to meet Amazon’s stringent criteria for a Prime badge while doing it in a cost-effective way. What’s more, Hub Group’s fulfillment centers are strategically located to provide two-day ground shipping to an impressive 98.6% of the U.S. population. This statistic is significant because it means that a vast majority of potential customers can receive their orders within just two days, meeting one of Amazon’s key Prime requirements. With Hub Group, it is easier for e-tailers to offer the benefits associated with Amazon Prime and reach a broader customer base.

Peak Season Ecommerce Fulfillment

During the critical peak season, nothing takes precedence over the imperative of maximizing sales and ensuring operational efficiency. Hub Group’s commitment to ensuring your business thrives during peak periods starts with our multifaceted approach. Starting with meticulous and comprehensive planning, Hub Group fulfillment centers work directly with our clients to understand everything from anticipated volumes to promotions to supply chain and distribution. This helps us plan inventory levels and stock up products in appropriate locations to streamline fulfillment.

Our clients rely on our skilled and seasonal staffing to scale up to match surges in demand, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Furthermore, our cutting-edge omnichannel capabilities empower your business to seamlessly engage with customers across various platforms, further enhancing your capacity to succeed during peak seasons. At Hub Group, we don’t just help you meet your peak season goals; we help you exceed them, ensuring your business can grow and thrive even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Explore Hub Group’s Fulfillment Center Locations

Have you ever wondered how you can “find fulfillment centers near me?” Hub Group can help. Our nationwide network of 35+ fulfillment centers are strategically located around the country to provide fast, efficient, and reliable delivery. In fact, our average transit time is just 1.2 days, so you can reach 98.6% of the U.S. population within just two days. Click here to find the best fulfillment centers for your business.

What to Expect from a Nationwide Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Leader

Hub Group provides a comprehensive, tailor-made 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) solution. Our unique offering combines fulfillment, distribution, and packaging services with a distinct competitive edge that sets us apart: an unwavering passion to drive your success. Hub Group stands as the premier choice for a comprehensive suite of commerce services, encompassing fulfillment, distribution, and packaging. Here’s what you can expect from Hub Group:


Multichannel and Omnichannel Fulfillment Expertise

In a landscape where consumers engage through diverse sales channels, it’s vital to partner with a service provider that can adapt. Regardless of where, when, or how your customers prefer their products, we deliver the fulfillment, distribution, and packaging solutions necessary to make it a reality.


Flexibility to Create a Solution to Match Your Needs

Every one of our customers has unique needs, and our teams are happy to tailor and build the right solutions for you. No matter the challenge, we’re here to listen and craft solutions that guide your business toward a prosperous future.


Innovation Is at the Heart of All We Do

We firmly believe that technology propels growth. Equipped with cutting-edge IT infrastructure, the latest systems and software, technologically advanced facilities, and expertise in transportation, we’re equipped to steer your success. Wherever your customers lead, we’ll help you pave the way.


A Passion for Logistics. A Dedication to Service.

Whether you’re expanding sales channels, entering new markets, or consolidating your logistics services under one roof, we are committed to delivering the one thing that truly matters: a fervent dedication to your success.

Why Outsource Fulfillment Center Services?

Spend less time tracking down orders and more time focusing on your core business. We are experts in creating cost-effective, accurate, efficient logistics solutions – so you don’t have to be. Hub Group can assist you in:

  • Giving you back time and resources to focus on your business.
  • Reducing your operational and staffing expenses.
  • Lowering your shipping costs.
  • Accelerating your customer delivery times.
  • Managing your entire supply chain.
  • Elevating customer satisfaction rates.

When you work with Hub Group, you gain the many advantages of our expertise, our expansive fulfillment center network, and our commitment to your success.

Count On Our Fulfillment Centers for Complete, Cost-Effective Solutions

Hub Group is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to cater to a broad spectrum of our clients’ logistics demands and can effortlessly blend into their supply chain. We cover aspects ranging from goods receipt and offloading, inventory management, packaging, shipping, to ecommerce fulfillment and retail distribution. We are poised to understand your needs and craft solutions that propel your business forward.

Get Started with Hub Group as Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Center

Hub Group offers you the best fulfillment centers so you can focus on business and be confident that your customers are getting their packages on time. We pride ourselves that each fulfillment center delivers outstanding service you and to your customers. From ordering, to processing, to shipping, we are the 3PL company that strives every day to help you succeed. Talk to one of our helpful representatives to find out more.