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TMS Unpacks Holiday Parcel Shipping Challenges

December 10, 2019

E-commerce customers expect fast, flexible and cost-effective delivery services, yet managing online orders can be daunting. The surge in online holiday shopping means, of course, that parcel volumes are spiking, which further stresses some shippers. 

As the number of parcel shipments increases, suppliers are required to navigate the complexities of fulfilling these orders. Items such as small home appliances, clothing and sports equipment must be configured to optimize each shipment based on the network at hand and delivered in a timely fashion. Plus, each package must be handled properly to ensure products meet consumers’ standards.  

Suppliers can invest in resources dedicated to alleviating the headaches that come with shipping parcels. A Transportation Management System (TMS) serves as a key tool to help suppliers with these shipping process complexities. 

There are many benefits to implementing a TMS into your supply chain as it improves efficiencies and streamlines the shipping process within your organization on a centralized platform. Data from the TMS, such as quotes, transit time, tracking, real-time alerts, custom reports and carrier mix, support shippers’ transportation decisions. Considering parcel pricing structures that become increasingly complex due to the volume increase during the holiday season, shippers save time and cut costs on future shipments through an automated process. 

“We’re finding customers in retail and manufacturing are increasingly demanding faster delivery times to stay competitive within the e-commerce landscape. Our technology equips clients to secure optimized transportation rates for servicing directly to consumers with a parcel rate optimizer tool that compares multiple carriers and delivery service options (ground, 2-day, same day).”

Katie Oberg, Hub Group’s Ecommerce Program Manager

A TMS can enhance the parcel shipping process for your business, while cutting costs by matching all Purchase Orders  (POs) and SKUs shipped to the most effective carrier within the network. Hub Group provides industry-leading technology with advanced TMS capabilities. Using our parcel solutions, shippers can analyze and optimize parcel shipments to configure efficient, cost-saving loads. To learn more about our parcel solutions, visit