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Expand into the Midwest with Hub Group’s Fulfillment Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Hub Group’s Kansas City fulfillment center is thoughtfully positioned to function as a central hub, linking you with consumer markets throughout the Midwest and the entire contiguous United States. With Hub Group’s Fulfillment Solutions, our expertise lies in crafting customized solutions tailored precisely to your requirements within our fulfillment center. We stand ready to assist you in expanding your market presence, enabling swifter, more efficient, and economical order fulfillment.

Our Kansas City 3PL warehouse extends comprehensive coverage across the Midwest and contiguous U.S., boasting seamless options for same-day, next-day, or two-day shipping. With a wealth of experience, specialized knowledge, and a team dedicated to your satisfaction, we’re equipped to address the dynamic demands of your business—be it ecommerce order fulfillment, omnichannel fulfillment, Amazon shipping, or other essential services. Whatever your enterprise necessitates, our all-encompassing order fulfillment solutions are here to support you.

Reduce Shipping Costs & Transit Times with 3PL Warehousing in Kansas City

Through our fulfillment warehouse situated in Kansas City, MO, a multitude of benefits become accessible to elevate your business operations. In this dynamic business landscape, Hub Group offers fulfillment solutions that put your business at an advantage. Our expertise spans the entirety of transportation, encompassing truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), and small parcel services, enabling the design of a seamlessly tailored fulfillment solution to precisely match your needs.

Whether dealing with parcels or pallets, we facilitate the movement of your products with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and punctuality. Should your aim involve reaching a nationwide market, our network of fulfillment centers is poised to assist you in adapting to shifting demand while surpassing customer anticipations. Guided by a strategic emphasis on speed, efficiency, and precision, our network guarantees that your customers promptly receive their orders, ultimately enhancing their contentment and reinforcing your market positioning.

Same-Day, 1-Day and 2-Day Shipping from Kansas City

Hub Group knows that in today’s digital era, consumers expect their orders to arrive more quickly than ever — and that’s why our Kansas City fulfillment center is an ideal location. We offer customers resilient ecommerce order fulfillment from our Kansas City 3PL warehouse that makes fast, accurate shipping a priority.

Hub Group partners with all major carriers to ensure that your customers get their packages in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Whether you need to ship same-day, next-day or two-day. We’ll make sure your order fulfillment runs smoothly — and help you keep customers coming back for more.

Streamline Your Logistics with the Best Kansas City 3PL Services

Hub Group’s Kansas City fulfillment center presents an extensive array of services, each fully adaptable to align with your specific requirements in ecommerce or omnichannel fulfillment. Some of the avenues through which we can provide invaluable assistance include: